Baltimore producer, laptop battle veteran, DJ, & co-founder of Quantum Groove Records – Ryan Stinnett a.k.a. K-Rai creates & spins music across a wide range of styles, treading territories such as IDM, Future Bass, Garage, House, Down-Tempo, Juke/Footwork, Techno, Indie, and Electro. The range of early musical influences runs wide: Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, 808 State, Yuzo Koshiro, Aphex Twin, NIN, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Front 242, Underworld, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, Autechre, μ-ziq, Bjork and so on. Spending time during the formative years out in the rave and industrial club scenes also had an impact. K-Rai recently released an exclusive on and has several tracks featured on the Quantum Future Compilation. Always working on new original material & remixes which show a depth rarely found. K-Rai’s club remix of Aligning Minds “Ether Perfect” reached the #1 spot on What started out as tinkering with sample manipulation using music tracking software at an early age back in 1995 has turned into a lifelong career in Electronic Dance Music both solo and with duo project The Megadrives, sharing the bill with such acts as: Alex B. (Paper Diamond), Aligning Minds, Alvin Risk, Beats Antique, Blockhead, Bluetech, The Crystal Method, DJ Dara, Ghostland Observatory, Machinedrum, DJ Rashad, R.A.W. (6Blocc), Starkey and more.

“This dude’s music puts warehouse grime under my fingernails. It’s that authentic. …Think Squarepusher meets Boards of Canada. I love that this stuff is coming outta Baltimore. It’s great to see somebody’s making moves to put that lawless, pirate attitude back into the beats.” (88DC Music Blog Review)

K-Rai was a participant in laptop battles for several years, a finalist at the Mid-Atlantic Laptop Battle and the victor of Philly Laptop Battle #7. The Megadrives currently have music on soundtracks for several critically acclaimed indie video games and film soundtracks, such as Gunlord & Redux: Dark Matters by NGDev. They have been sponsored by Skullcandy and did the music for for Acura’s “BOOM” campaign TV spots.

“…world-class Electronica. The Megadrives are two of the most diverse and masterful laptop maestros playing the game these days.” (What Weekly)

You can trace a path in history of offbeat musical exploration: banging on pots and pans, violin, hearing “Switched on Bach” on vinyl, scratching parents records, experiencing a huge ARP/Moog like analog synth performance visit school, scratching cassette tapes, having an original Sega Genesis with that headphone jack and going through sound test menus, guitar, to finally getting a PC capable of tracking music. The experimenting, creating, and producing hasn’t stopped since.