Die Antwoord – DIS IZ WHY I’M HOT (K​-​Rai Remixes)

Finally got these remixes out. I couldn’t stop with just one!
My initial 3 previously unreleased remixes plus the brand new “Solar Flare” mix.

Blizzard Mix 2: 90s Influence


The first blizzard mix I waited till the end to bring in some old school tracks, this time it’s the whole time. I ended up digging deep into my archives to bring you a mix of some chill tracks from the 1990s (except the intro), featuring artists who helped inspire me to make music & have had a lasting influence. + Winter vibes.

Track Listing:

01: Bjork – Frosti
02: Beastie Boys – Something’s Got To Give
03: Nav Katze – Happy! (µ-ziq mix)
04: Portishead – Numbed In Moscow
05: SHARON APPLE – The Borderline
06: The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive (The Trip Hope Mix)
07: Mono – Life in Mono (Alice Band Mix)
08: DJ Cam – Angel Heart
09: Massive Attack & Mad Professor – Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)
10: Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon
11: DJ Krush – Duality
12: Future Sound of London – Amoeba
13: Cujo – Cat People
14: Le Gooster – Une Bonne Journee
15: Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death 2
16: 808 State feat Bjork – Ooops
17: Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
18: Beaumont Hannant – Woven Textures
19: µ-ziq – Melancho
20: Nav Katze – More Than A Feeling (Black Dog Mix #2)
21: Autechre – Further

Rec. 2016/01/24 during the east coast snowstorm